“The Amazing Insider Secrets to Genuinely Effective Tendonitis Treatment… Use Proven (and Some Radically New) Methods to Eradicate Tendonitis Pain Even If You’ve Been Suffering For Months to Years– Guaranteed…

… If You’re Fed Up With Having Painful Tendonitis, This Is Your Opportunity To Get Rid Of The Misery, The Fatigue, And The Feeling You’re Plain Missing Out On Life!

From the desk of Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR

Dear Tendonitis Sufferer,

Are you aggravated that your tendonitis just doesn’t seem to be getting better? Are you certain you’re getting the best possible treatment? Is the pain in your elbow getting to you?  Are you having problems reaching up to cupboards, or dressing and undressing, or simply shaking hands?

Maybe, walking is a chore because the outside of your hip… or your knee, or your ankle makes it impossible to do what you want to do because of the pain. Are you missing out on life’s little opportunities like taking your kids to the amusement park or hosting a cookout because tendonitis makes it so painful?

  • To add insult to injury, do you feel like you’ve been taken for a ride with all the money you’ve spent on doctors, shots, medicines, physical therapy, and everything else that goes with it … without getting better?
  • It’s no joke… if you continue to pop anti-inflammatory drugs you will suffer liver and kidney damage or an ulcer!
  • I hate to say this but how much longer do you have to watch from the sidelines while everyone else is “in the game”?
  • How much fun is it to have to take stairs one at a time like a child?
  • Do you feel like you’re under the gun when your boss begins to question your work performance because you just can’t do your job?
  • How many cortisone shots before you get nasty side effects like a moon-face, diabetes, osteoporosis, and irreversible cartilage damage?

My name is Dr. Nathan Wei, and I’m a board-certified rheumatologist who has been successfully treating patients with arthritis and tendonitis for almost 30 years.

Treatments have changed a lot over the years and the old methods of using anti-inflammatory medicines and other pain killers and cortisone injections, while useful for some people, are not going to help many of those affected by chronic tendonitis.

It’s no joke… tendonitis is one of the most common problems that prevents people from going about their daily routine.  Why?

Simple… because tendonitis causes pain that limits your ability to do many of the things you usually take for granted. Like shaking hands, carrying out the trash, getting a bottle of milk out of the refrigerator, walking to the mailbox… and so on.

But what’s really adds insult to injury is this…  Despite the fact it’s so common, it’s still being treated the same old way.  A lot of doctors just want to dismiss it by saying, “Well… it’s just  a case of tendonitis.  It’ll take time.  Let’s try physical therapy…” or they’ll want to shoot you up with cortisone.

That’s so wrong!!!!!

And to rub salt into the wound more, if you go to the internet to look for information, you have tons of charlatans and frauds out there who claim to have the right system or the right treatment… and it’s a bald-faced lie!

With all my years of experience and study and training,  I’ve found what works and what doesn’t work for almost every type of patient.  And since new treatments are coming along all the time, I’ve kept my hand on the pulse of new developments.

Here are some things my patients have to say…

His Pain Was Erased in Weeks…

“Before coming to the Arthritis Treatment Center and seeing Dr. Wei, it was very hard and very uncomfortable to walk even the shortest distance.  After being treated , I now walk an average of 2 1/2 to 5 miles daily.  I can say that I am pain free!”  Kurt Botker- Thurmont, Maryland

Little-Known Cure For Achilles Tendonitis

Has Her Walking Pain-Free Again…

“Dr. Wei told me about a new procedure that could help relieve the pain in my foot that would not involve surgery.  Because he had been successful with previous aches and pains, I was open to try it.  The pain in my foot was affecting my daily activities and my overseas travel.  The procedure took about one hour.  I got off the table and was able to stand up right away with no pain.  I was so surprised.  It was about two weeks and I was back to my full routine.  I was gardening, walking, and enjoying life.”  Jan Borg –Greencastle, Pennsylvania

Cutting Edge Remedy For Aches and Pains?

“Before coming to ATC, I could barely walk.  I couldn’t sleep.  I couldn’t dress myself.  I couldn’t even stand having a blanket on top of me.  It took me two hours to put my socks on.  It was torture.  I was so miserable I didn’t even care if I died.  The first day I came in for my consultation, Dr. Wei took one look at me and knew right away what was wrong with me.  Just one look, not even any testing.  I was started right away on medicine and within 10 hours, I could walk.  Within 4-5 days I could tell a big difference.  Now in my life I can do just about anything!”  Gary Young-  Frederick, Maryland.

Reverse Arthritis and Tendonitis Pain …Safely

“I was in severe pain for more than two years when I came into the office.  My husband had taken over the cooking at home.  I couldn’t do anything.  I wasn’t sleeping at night because of my pain.  I couldn’t even get from my bed to the bathroom, because I hurt so bad.  I was constantly tired and I was to the point where I was tired of being tired!!  The pain especially started to really get to me when I couldn’t even play with my grandchildren.  Then God granted me a miracle.  I came to an open house that was held at ATC.  I signed up that night to come in as a new patient.  After coming in to see Dr. Wei, I slowly started to feel better.  I can not only get on the floor to play with my grandson, but I am taking care of him!  You don’t know how much that means to me!  I have received nothing but help from Dr. Wei.  I guess one of the best things about coming to see Dr. Wei is that he lets me participate in the decisions about what goes on with my body.  He doesn’t just tell me what we’re going to do like some other doctors I’ve been to – he actually discusses these decisions with me.  I recommend ATC to anyone who complains about arthritis.” Shirley Cunningham, Hagerstown, Maryland

I was miserable… and now I’m not…

“I couldn’t raise my right arm.  It was near impossible for me to dress myself, or clean, or cook.  Dr. Wei told me about a new procedure that would help to get some mobility back.  I was a little reluctant because I have COPD and I am on oxygen 24 hours a day.  So, I’m a little apprehensive about procedures that might include any type of anesthesia.  But, this procedure doesn’t require you to go under anesthesia, and the entire procedure only took about 1 hour.  Following the procedure I went to therapy.  It’s been over one month and I would say that I can see a 50 percent improvement in how well I can use my arm again.  The procedure wasn’t painful or uncomfortable and I would recommend this to anyone who might be considering surgery.  As a result, I am able to enjoy the things I enjoy.”   Betty Hykes –Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

I couldn’t stand the pain in my shoulder any longer…

“I had horrible pain in my shoulder.  I couldn’t use my arm.  I heard about a new procedure, which I thought was better than the traditional surgery.  I did not want to have to go to the hospital.  The procedure took about 20 minutes, there was no pain. My arm was in a sling for about three weeks, and I feel much better.  I’ve already recommended this to several of my friends because I’m not experiencing pain in my arm and able to use it again.”  Clara Brown –Hagerstown, Maryland

I finally got blessed relief… without having to have another cortisone shot or surgery…

“I was experiencing pain in my shoulder and Dr. Wei said that I had a torn rotator cuff.  He recommended a new procedure.  On a Friday I had the procedure done, and it was amazing because on the following Monday I felt almost immediate relief.  Within one week I was doing well.  Before the procedure, I couldn’t use my arm.  I couldn’t life it to put away the dishes.  Now, I feel no pain and I can put away the dishes.”   Retha Whorton –Accident, Maryland

I know what it’s like from first-hand experience. Three years ago, I had agonizing elbow tendonitis.  It got to the point that the pain was with my constantly… it was all I could think about.  Fortunately, I got the right treatment but this is what I do for a living!  I tried to imagine what it would be like for someone without my personal and medical background.

Well… what I came up with is this…

It’s a gamble because you don’t know if your doctor is up on the latest treatments.  You don’t know if the physical therapist or chiropractor is taking you along for a ride.  You don’t know whether that gizmo you just bought is going to work.

I’ m here to tell you that you don’t have to hunt for the right treatment like a needle in a haystack.  I will tell you what’s available- and much of what I tell you is so new, many doctors don’t even know about it yet.  But the information is valuable… and most important, it’s effective. It’ll give you ammunition so when you go to see your doctor, you’ll go in with your guns blazin’!

Here’s an example…

My patient, Mrs. Borg, was complaining at her office visit about how no matter what she did, her Achilles tendonitis prevented her from doing the things she really enjoyed. In fact, this one new hobby, Zumba- an aerobic exercise involving Latin-American dancing was a new passion for her… but she couldn’t do it because of the pain.

And… it wasn’t until she had had a tenotomy procedure with tissue grafting using platelet-rich plasma that she finally began to be pain free.

And… what’s more she told me about two of her other friends who had chronic tendonitis who she was referring to me for the same procedure.

Suddenly it hit me — if there were other people out there with a similar problem, they too could get relief! And if they needed this procedure, and they had chronic tendonitis, I could help them get their lives back!

Have you ever had tendonitis and tried different treatments that maybe worked for awhile but then the darn problem came back? Or maybe nothing worked and you were told to “just live with it.”

But the pain continued and your quality of life began to just suck… to the point you wanted to scream!

I’ve had a lot of patients come to me when literally everything they’d tried had failed and I got them better. It was a combination of the right treatment plus the right patient education that did it.  Some treatments work for some people and other treatments work for others.  No one treatment is right for everyone!

So… in order to better help more people, I created a definitive resource- an ebook on tendonitis.

What you’ll get is a step-by-step guide to making sure your tendonitis is treated effectively, quickly, and successfully- plus dozens of helpful tips to keep it from coming back! Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll discover…

  • How can you tell if it is tendonitis… or something more serious?
  • Relieve even the most stubborn case of tendonitis… without major surgery and the down time and the potential complications that come with it!
  • Why cortisone shots are a no-no for many types of tendonitis!
  • The 4 major types of ankle tendonitis and how to treat them…
  • Why runners get knee tendonitis so often and what to do so it doesn’t come back!
  • New mother tendonitis“- how to identify it …and how to treat it
  • Why you absolutely must avoid anti-inflammatory drugs if you have this new tendonitis treatment.

Like I said earlier, even most doctors don’t know about these new treatments.  In fact, if you ask them, you’ll get a skeptical look and a “Huh?”

How much money have you wasted already on treatments that either didn’t work or only worked for a short time?  How many trips to the doctor and physical therapist have you made?  How many braces, splints, and other gadgets have you spent hard-earned money on that didn’t take the pain away?

Add it up.  I’ll bet it’s close to a thousand dollars.  Just think what you could have done with a thousand dollars… Doesn’t it make your blood boil?

Well, I’ve got good news for you because I’ve written a no-nonsense guide to tendonitis treatment that will tell you exactly what you need to do to cure yourself.  You’ll be armed with the latest information that will help you recover quickly and completely.

What would you be willing to pay for a source that gives you the most up-to-date information on tendonitis anywhere all in one place?  No more wasted time doing internet searches… no more unrewarding and expensive trips to the doctor’s office or to the physical therapist.

You’ll know exactly what needs to be done. Think about it… When you add up all the hours of wasted time and aggravation of trying this treatment and that treatment without the relief you need, wouldn’t you be willing to pay a hundred dollars… two hundred dollars… or even more? Maybe you’ve already spent that.  Most patients with chronic tendonitis have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars looking for relief.

Well, you can relax… you won’t have to spend anything like that at all.

Because…if you’ve got $14.99 and the time it takes to read 67 pages of no-filler information, you’ll have the tools you need to erase your tendonitis… hopefully, forever.  That’s way less than the cost of an office visit to a doctor… and a lot more convenient! Actually, it’s dirt cheap!

Because, you’ll also receive 5 extra bonuses that are worth more than $14.99 by themselves!  When you think about it, it’ll cost you less than a cup of coffee a day for a week… and it could change your life!

A Patient Guide to Tenotomy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Chronic Tendonitis and Arthritis

FREE Bonus #1 Value: $3.95… Yours FREE!

Want to know more about the latest treatment for tendonitis?  This newest therapy is the opposite of cortisone injections, which act like a Band-aid.  Cortisone relieves inflammation but that is not what you need… Inflammation is the body’s attempt to heal.  Here’s a method for controlling inflammation in a way that leads to new tissue repair. This treatment actually helps the tendon to heal!

  • The surefire common sense way to heal tendonitis quickly!
  • A treatment that is guided with laser-like precision to where it’s needed most… and this makes all the difference!
  • The ANTI-anti- inflammatory treatment that works like a charm… but only if you know a physician who does it correctly!
  • The magic of platelet-derived growth factors and how they make tendons like new!

Fibromyalgia- Information your Doctor Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Free Bonus # 2.  Value: $3.95… Yours FREE!

If you have fibromyalgia… or you have a loved one who does, you need this special report which is the script from a television special I did.  This dispels many common and destructive myths about this disease…

  • Fibromyalgia… how the brain resets itself and how you can get it back to where it should be!
  • The myth of trigger points and how they mislead both patients and doctors!
  • Concrete magnetic resonance imaging proof of fibromyalgia- discover the secrets that few doctors know about!
  • Three new drugs that work like magic… discover what they are… NOW!

How to Clobber Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Free Bonus # 3. Value:  $3.95…  Yours FREE!

It’s the most common repetitive stress disorder… yet there are so many misconceptions about it.  Discover what can be done to treat this condition effectively, safely, and completely!

  • The six most common symptoms of this condition… and how to recognize them immediately
  • Seven easy ways to prevent carpal tunnel from ever occurring and ruining your life!
  • The seven conventional methods and the eighth new way that is better than all the rest!

What you can do if you have arthritis knee pain… information from an expert

Free Bonus # 4.  Value: $3.95… Yours FREE!

If you have knee pain and it could be due to arthritis, you absolutely need this information from an expert with more than 27 years of experience!

  • The one area other than the knee that must be examined carefully if you have knee pain… be sure to remind your doctor!
  • The commonly used treatment that could kill you… find out what it is so you can make the decision whether you want it … or not!
  • One easy treatment that is low tech but high reward… all it takes is one simple exercise

Does massage treatment work for arthritis?

Free Bonus # 5. Value: $3.95… Yours FREE!

Ever wonder if massage treatment works?  This article published by a respected medical writer reveals the truth.

  • Eight benefits of massage that make it a “no-brainer” and the smartest thing to do if you have arthritis or a related problem
  • Stress- the silent killer… and crippler- how massage helps!
  • Scientific proof of the effectiveness of massage- read the results of four carefully controlled scientific studies

If you don’t agree I’ve kept every promise in this letter — if you aren’t excited about everything I’ve given you —  if, for ANY REASON AT ALL, you are disappointed… You simply return everything and get a FULL, 100%,NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, INSTANT REFUND.

To order your copy today, along with your 5 FREE bonuses, click here now!

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To your success,

Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR

P.S. This ebook contains solutions for tendonitis that would take you the better part of at least two or three  weeks of research to find… and even then, you might not get them all.

This is a compact and comprehensive discussion of all the major types of tendonitis, how to recognize them, and what the best approaches to treatment are.  This information will put you on par with any MD!  You will never be the victim of a snow job again!

P.P.S. Plus… you get five extra bonuses that will give you insight into the some of the most common problems that cause aches and pains.  The information here is invaluable because you won’t find it in your doctor’s office and not even on the internet.  The information is cutting-edge.

P.P.P.S. And remember, you have my risk-free, bullet-proof guarantee- you have nothing to worry about.

P.P.P.P.S. You get the ebook “How to Banish Tendonitis- A Consumer’s Guide to the Most Effective Treatments”, the most comprehensive and easy to read guide to tendonitis available. You get up-to-date information in an easy to read format for only $39.95.  That’s less than the cost of an office visit to a high-powered specialist.  Plus you’ll get the five extra bonuses that are worth the price of the book all by themselves!

You’ll get the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about what to do about your tendonitis.  You’ll get options that even some specialists don’t know about.  You’ll be able to make the decision that’s right for you.

Why put with the pain, suffering, and anguish that comes from not knowing the right thing to do?  You will know!  You won’t have to put up with the B.S. from an arrogant doctor any more.  But I’m not going to keep the price at this level much longer.  I’ve already been told by some of my colleagues that they’re angry I’m disclosing these secrets and they’re even more upset that I’m offering it so cheaply.